Tips for Business Naming – Why Your Business Name Is Getting Rejected

Published on 15 November 2021

Find an ACRA-approved name for your business here. Learn what are the reasons your business name is getting rejected and how to ace business naming in Singapore!

Finding an appropriate name for your business is not a light decision, it’s something that will become the visage of your company. People will identify your business with that name and your values will be propelled on that one decision. Apart from the marketing considerations, you have to make sure that the name you are selecting will get approved by ACRA (Singapore Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority)

There is nothing more heartbreaking than thinking of a business name for years, only to get it rejected by ACRA just because someone else has an identical name registered or reserved. In this blog, we will discuss

  • How you can register your business name?
  • What are the reasons your business name can be rejected for?
  • Things to avoid while registering a name for your business
  • How to find a good name for your business


1. Register Your Business Name

If you have already come up with a suitable name for your business then you can easily register your business name through BizFile+ before you incorporate your company. You will have to fill out an application specifying what kind of work and genre your business deals in.

Once your application is approved you can reserve your business name as a trademark for 60 to 120 days until your business is incorporated. Once the duration of 120 days has passed, ACRA will release the name and it will be available for people to register.


2.  Why Your Business Name Is Rejected?

To ensure you select a business name that is less likely to get rejected you have to avoid several mistakes that people tend to make while registering a business name.

ACRA mainly rejects business names that are already taken or registered. But there are also a few other reasons why your business name can be rejected by ACRA

  • Identical name: this is the major reason why coming up with an ACRA-approved name is such a nightmare. Half of the time, the name that you have in mind is already taken
  • Obscene language: if your name contains any vulgar language or remark, ACRA can reject your suggestion
  • Religiously or culturally offensive: Singapore is a country where all races and religions live, so choosing a name that is offensive to any race, culture, or religion is bound to get rejected
  • Prohibited by Government: some certain words and names are not allowed to use as your business name. For now, “Temasek” is the only word that the minister has restricted the registrar to accept.

3. Things to Avoid While Business Naming

Apart from offensive language and religious remarks, one thing that you should avoid while selecting a business name is selecting a name that is similar to any other entity’s name.

We know that ACRA doesn’t approve of the identical name, but what about the names which are not literally identical but only similar?”

Well, ACRA doesn’t necessarily reject your business name if it’s similar to an already registered name. However, you should still avoid taking up names that are similar to any other entity. And here is why:

  • Firstly, you can get sued for trying to pass off as them or you could be accused of copyright
  • Not only this but adopting a similar name to any other company or business creates confusion for customers and can be a harmful marketing tool
  • Any person or entity can file a valid complaint against you within 12 months of registration
  • If any person or company files a complaint against you, the registrar will be well within their rights to direct you to change your company name
  • In such a case, changing a name after you have built a reputable position can be a serious setback to your business.


4. How to Find a Good Name for Your Business?

In other words how to not choose a name that is similar to any other business name.

Here are a few tips:

  • Run a Google search and see if there are any businesses, companies, or trademarks already registered on that name.
  • Search for not only the actual name but also for words that sound similar.
  • For instance, if you are going for “Sweet and Savory food”, search for “savory sweet food”, “savory and sweet food” “food sweet and savory” etc
  • Also, look for words that have the same meaning. For example, if you want to register “Alpha clothing”, you have to look for names such as “alpha apparel”, “alpha boutique”, “alpha dresses” etc.


5. Already Have A Name In Mind? What’s next?

If you happen to already have a solid name in mind that is neither taken nor similar to any other brand, then you should get it reserved as a trademark as soon as possible. There are so many people out there looking for good names for their business that it’s impossible to think of a name that’s not already taken, and if you have one, consider yourself lucky.

If your business is not yet incorporated then you fill out an application on BizFile+ for reserving your name as a trademark. If ACRA approves of your name, all you have to do is incorporate your company within 120 days. But remember that ACRA will release that name from the list of reserved names after this period of 120 days has exceeded.



Business naming is no easy task and you don’t want to settle for something even slightly less than the very best.

And why should you? Your business name is something that will be the symbol of your recognition and success. As it is something that will become a legacy for your business. Therefore, we recommend you choose a name that’s unique and diverse.

Contact professionals like Mi2U Business Support if you want to settle for nothing less than perfect. Avoid copyright claims from any other business and follow ACRA’s regulations for business names.


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