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Outsourced payroll management services in Singapore ensure your business is compliant with the legal payroll requirements in Singapore.
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Did you know that it is an offence in Singapore when employees don’t receive their payment on time?

According to the Employment Act, companies in Singapore must pay their employees’ monthly salaries within 7 days of the end salary period stated on their pay slips.

Are you a business owner just starting in Singapore?

Does your company lack experienced human resource staff?

Regardless of your needs, Mi2u provides the best payroll solutions for most companies in Singapore!

At Mi2U, our payroll outsourcing experts will assist your business to process payroll. We will develop a payroll system tailored to your business needs, complete with sophisticated payroll software.

Furthermore, your unique payroll solution will take into account

 With Mi2u, you can focus on growing your business in Singapore!

Our payroll outsourcing specialists will take care of the rest.

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What is Payroll, And Why Does It Matter In Singapore?

In Singapore, payroll can simply be understood as the monthly salary.

Payroll services are an essential part of all companies as employees deserve a fair salary for their work.

All businesses in Singapore require HR services to handle the HR payroll for employees.

Despite that, many businesses, especially SMEs, may not have the capital to employ an in-house HR service.

Therefore, many business owners in Singapore today have made the wiser decision to seek assistance from agencies that provide payroll management services!

However, not every Singapore payroll outsourcing vendor is sensitive to fair salary calculation or proper income tax compliance.

But not to worry!

Our team of payroll specialists at Mi2u provides one of the best payroll management services in Singapore.

Here’s how our payroll outsourcing services set us apart:

  • Deep expertise in Singapore payroll laws
  • Always updated with Ministry of Manpower regulations
  • Wide range of knowledge regarding tax services

 Want to keep your business thriving by keeping your employees happy?

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Benefits Of Outsourcing Payroll Services In Singapore

Save Time and Money

Focus on expanding your business when you have Mi2u’s expertise in HR outsourcing services!

Why go through the hassle of hiring and training an in-house HR team?

Mi2u is a highly experienced payroll service provider in Singapore that specialises in payroll computation and payroll platforms.

  • Pay your employees their monthly salaries and CPF on time!
  • Develop a unique and efficient HR and payroll system for your business.
  • Avoid payroll issues with guaranteed compliance to the Singapore Employment Act.
  • An experienced payroll management team at your fingertips for less than in-house HR employees!

Contact us today to let us know about your needs!

We’ll come up with a quote that best caters to you and your budget.


Better Company Transparency with Fewer Mistakes

Outsourcing your payroll management will prevent you from making payroll mistakes.

Instead of hiring inexperienced HR staff to handle the payroll ledger, invest in Mi2u’s payroll services!

We help your company avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes by using only the latest payroll software in the industry:

  • Minimal human error
  • Record and file employee data accurately
  • Improve your payout processing rate

Here’s the best part: Mi2u always ensures that your HR payroll processes are per the rules and regulations stipulated by MOM, CPF and IRAS.

To avoid payroll frauds, payroll processing needs to be done with utmost discretion and confidentiality while ensuring that it complies with the Singapore Employment Act.

Mi2U’s advanced payroll software is also equipped with high-security backup facilities to protect employee data.


Ensure Employee Loyalty

Good payroll management not only reduces the stress off your shoulders but also greatly improves the productivity of your employees.

Your staff are essentially the backbone of your company.

Hence when they are paid well, they perform better, which also contributes to the growth of your business!

If not executed well, poor payroll management can tank the reputation and staff morale of a business!

Furthermore, companies in Singapore need to consider several factors during payroll processing, such as employee benefits, employee bonuses, CPF, income taxes and more

Sounds like a lot?

That’s why Mi2u’s payroll outsourcing services are here!

As part of our payroll services, we can also help you set up an efficient and transparent HR system that instils trust, credibility and confidence in your employees.

Engage with Mi2U's Payroll Outsourcing Services Today!

Looking for high-quality payroll outsourcing services?

Perhaps you lack an experienced human resource team to oversee your HR operations and take care of your company’s whole payroll management process.

Your search for quality payroll outsourcing services is over!

Our team at Mi2U has the expertise required to guide and educate companies in Singapore on the best ways to deal with payroll processing.

We work closely with you to tailor a payroll system that suits your unique company in Singapore and complies with Singapore’s labour laws.

Mi2u has helped many clients boost their businesses’ growth and employee morale with our efficient payroll management and human resource services.

We understand that your company has no room for error. Our meticulous payroll system ensures that your HR payroll is done correctly, right from the beginning.

 Our human resource and payroll services include:

  • Payroll processing
  • Preparation of itemised payslips
  • Monthly CPF submission
  • Monthly SDL submission
  • Community Fund submission (CDAC/SINDA/MOSQ/ECF)
  • Process and e-file NSmen reservist claims
  • Process and e-file child care leave and maternity leave claims
  • Foreign Worker Levy
  • Leave administration
  • IR8A/IR21 form preparation

 No two businesses in Singapore are the same.

That’s why Mi2u provides our clients with flexible packages to choose from!

This allows you to pick a payroll outsourcing package that best suits your human resource and payroll needs.

Trust Mi2U as your payroll management service provider, and we’ll take care of the rest while you focus on growing your business.