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How Mi2u can support your business

Corporate Secretarial

Corporate Secretarial

Do you find yourself spending more time dealing with regulatory requirements than growing your business or constantly receiving fines for missing deadlines?

Find out how you can achieve greater efficiency by engaging Mi2u for their Corporate Secretarial services.

Accounting Services and Bookkeeping

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Do you find yourself spending endless hours trying to get the numbers right and have no clue what went wrong?

Find out how you can balance your books effortlessly by outsourcing the Accounting and Bookkeeping services to Mi2u.

Financial Statements

Financial Statements

Do you know that profit/loss statement are not sufficient to form Financial Statements according to reporting standard?

Find out how you can ensure your Financial Statements are done correctly by engaging Mi2u for their Financial Statements services.


Tax / GST

Do you find yourself struggling to understand the complexity of taxation?

Find out how you can have your tax filed correctly and effortlessly by engaging Mi2u for their Tax & GST service.


Payroll / CPF

Do you find yourself struggling with the payment of salary every month or agreeing with your staff to not pay CPF so they can have a higher take home pay?

Find out how you can pay your employees timely and correctly by outsourcing your payroll services to Mi2u.

Nominee Director

Nominee Director

Do you find yourself struggling to find a local director to incorporate your business and afraid that the nominee director has full control of the company?

Find out how you can appoint a nominee director that suits your need by engaging Mi2u for their Nominee Director services.


Work Passes

Do you know that your application may still be rejected even though you meet all requirements?

Find out how you can achieve a higher success rate by engaging Mi2u for their Work Passes.



Do you know you can use a trading name that is different from your company’s name?

Find out how you can increase your brand value and business development by engaging Mi2u for their Trademark services

Hear what people say

Mi2u is a lifesaver and helped me save $900 of penalties when the accountant that I engaged, did not do a good job.  Mi2u is truly like the queen that protects the king!

Theebhan Raja

Alvigor Pte Ltd

Mi2u is oriented to details and reminds me of what I need to do and change and helps my business stay compliant.

Drake Lim

Design Jukebox

Thank you again for your support through this process. Thank you for your forbearance, as we settle on the path that will be most appropriate for our ambition. We are very excited about our new year and very much appreciate your steady hand and knowledgeable assistance in meeting Singapore regulatory requirements in filing the application for our LLP.

Andrew Eans

Early Alert Inc

I am always reminded to do all the necessary filing that business needs to do and also Mi2u helps me with the application for trademark too!

Christel Goh

Christel & Kelvin Pte Ltd

May I take the opportunity to thank you for your patience, particularly as I know that we have taken some time to reach this decision! Thank you also for your input over recent weeks, it has been very helpful and much appreciated.

Anthony Long

Capital International Group

I have sleepless nights due to being unsure of all the filings required by ACRA & IRAS and Mi2u helped me save half the fines and guided me on the procedures, timing and dates. I could sleep a lot better after that.

Erlena Tan

Floof Sg

Mi2u has been extremely helpful especially it was my first startup of a business.  The team did not hesitate to help me further to solve all the problems I have faced. They are a great team to work with nevertheless!

Goh Wei Leong

Katong Mei Wei Pte Ltd

Mi2u’s service goes above and beyond their duty. They have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable, providing invaluable advice and extremely responsive. If you’re looking for someone dependable, Mi2u is the team you want.

Khoo Yihao

Kuriosity Pte Ltd

Mi2u has been very helpful and gave me a lot of professional suggestions in setting up a new company while I am locked down in Malaysia, unable to travel to Singapore. Special thanks to the team also for arranging banker to video call and set up a corporate bank account.  The Mi2u team has helped me a lot during this difficult period.

Grace Yap

Greenprint Marketing Pte Ltd