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Do the accounts and bookkeeping of your company comply with the statutory requirements in Singapore?

In Singapore, every company incorporated within the country must have proper maintenance of the company’s bookkeeping and accounting records.

For small business owners that are just starting out, or with a limited budget, hiring an in-house accountant may be the last thing on your mind.

So why don’t you engage with Mi2u’s outsourced accounting services in Singapore?

As one of the best accounting firms in Singapore, our qualified accountants and trained accounts officers ensure that you’re always in compliance with Singapore law and IRAS requirements.

Focus more on growing your small business when you know that your accounting is handled professionally!

What's the Difference Between Accounting And Bookkeeping?

Accounting And Bookkeeping

Although many would consider them the same thing, accounting and bookkeeping services do have distinct differences in terms of responsibilities.


Bookkeeping refers to the process of identifying, measuring, and recording financial transactions in a consistent manner on a daily basis.

In a business, bookkeeping deals with recording payroll, invoicing, inventory updating, and much more which influences the business’s cash flow and financial decisions.


Accounting requires analysing and reporting financial transactions in the general ledger of a business.

An accountant is responsible for:

  • preparing financial statements and accounting reports
  • analysing and interpreting business activity within a company such as operational costs, corporate tax obligations and other payments.

Similar to bookkeeping, accounting reports also plays a big role in owners’ business decisions. Accounting, however, requires more specific skills compared to bookkeeping.

Accountants set up the parameters of a business such as outlining the company budget and keeping track of company accounts. Accounting services even include overseeing the filing, maintenance and destruction of financial records according to your business needs.

The Benefits of Outsourced Accounting Services for Singapore Business Owners

Free Up Cash Flow With Outsourced Accounting

Save your business from being financially burdened with overhead costs or expensive accounting software.

Instead, engage with our outsourced accounting service!

Our accounting services allow you to receive the professional benefits of an accredited accountant at a lower cost. This is especially beneficial for small business owners that want to focus on the growth and development of their business.

You will even get to save on office space when you outsource accounting to Mi2u since you won’t need to put a whole accounting department on your payroll!

All of this contributes to having better cash flow for expanding your company in Singapore.

At Mi2U, our professionally accredited accounting team keeps your company’s accounts in check and in compliance with the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS).

With our bookkeeping and accounting services, we help you cut the costs of hiring and training new accounting staff to handle your business accounts and financial statements.

The bookkeeping and accounting services we offer include:

  • Full sets of accounting services on a monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual basis
  • Compilation of unaudited financial statements in XBRL format
  • Issue of sales invoices, purchase orders, debit and credit notes
  • Review of staff expenses claims in compliance with company policies
  • GST tax computation and e-filing of quarterly returns


Professional & Experienced Accounting Services in Singapore

In Singapore, all financial statements must be filed in XBRL format and submitted to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

If you’re unfamiliar with handling Singapore business financial accounts or the XBRL format, this can be a nightmare. Incorrect information during the reporting process could lead to fines from IRAS and more accounting work in the future!

Rest assured that your business’s financial statements and reports are in reliable hands with Mi2u’s professional accounting services.

Our professional accountants in Mi2U are highly experienced in assisting clients from multiple industries across Singapore.

We ensure that your business financial records such as bank statements, financial statements and tax filing are:

  • constantly up to date,
  • in compliance with the legal requirements in Singapore,
  • in the correct XBRL format,
  • and submitted on time to avoid penalties from ACRA!


Resolve Accounting and Bookkeeping Issues More Efficiently

Is your business going through merger and acquisition transitions? Perhaps you find that you’re always facing tight deadlines when annual auditing is due.

Regardless of your accounting problems, Mi2u can resolve them quickly and efficiently as we are equipped with years of expertise in resolving accounting and bookkeeping related issues such as maintaining a general ledger, installing cloud accounting software and reconstructing past and current accounting records.

Mi2U’s outsourced accounting team can even partner up with your company’s existing accountants to efficiently organize and resolve any accounts issues that your business may be facing!

We guarantee that your businesses will always be in compliance with Singapore accounting standards and laws which can result in unnecessary costs.

Mi2u’s tailored accounting services also save time and provide you with the flexibility to focus on your business operations.

By outsourcing to your accounting firm, you will have more time to prioritise your business goals like increasing revenue, improving customer satisfaction and marketing campaigns, and more!

No more worrying about incorrect tax filing or unaudited financial statements; let us do all the work for you when you hire outsource accounting with Mi2U.

Engage with Mi2U's Bookkeeping and Accounting Services Today

Looking for a trustworthy accounting firm that provides high-quality Singapore accounting services?

Want to efficiently manage your company’s financial records, tax filing, employees’ income statement and payroll services from A to Z?

Mi2U provides flexible accounting service packages that suit all your business accounting needs!

Our brilliant and results-driven accounting services have helped many companies with

  • employee payroll services
  • filing GST tax return records,
  • compiling financial statements in the required XBRL format in compliance with legal requirements by Singapore governing bodies such as IRAS
  • and more!

Clients get to choose from multiple accounting service packages to best suit your business needs and budget.

All without having to spend excess business revenue on complex accounting software or hiring new employees. Just pick your preferred accounting service and we’ll handle the rest.

We let our experience as an accounting firm speak for the quality of service that we provide our clients in Singapore. We’ve helped many companies avoid heavy fines and ensure they stay compliant with Singapore’s high accounting standards.

If you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon like many have, engage with our staff at Mi2U right now and seek the professional services that you need!